1. Images
  2. Tags


Images should be maximum size 3200px. Ideally they should be no bigger than 1.5meg. Kirby will compress and cut images for different sections. Use imageOptim to do final processing on the image.

These are the permitted file name characters.

  1. A-Z
  2. a-z
  3. 0-9
  4. underscore _ dash - emdash –

NO spaces and any character like ()&*%©^^$%#^#^$@$@%¡1! (jpeg)

Extensions Permitted


Extensions NOT Permitted

.jpeg .JPG .JPEG


Tags are used to connect albums. Tags need to be the same for albums to be connected.

  1. To create a new tag just write the tag in the "Related Works / Tags" field.
  2. To use a tag put the cursor in the tag field and start writing the tag. Kirby will auto-complete the tag for you by offering the matching tag.
  3. Only one tag per album is permitted.

    3. how to hide work _from an index check button on the album/project works page


the date(year, month, day) goes in the calendar field of the Date section. NOT in the title.

4. Appearing on the HOME PAGE

Tick DISPLAY box next to the DATE field.

5. HOME page order

Home page order- go to Settings and select the Number to reorder

6. Works Fix

Check settings - for setting - draft or public. You can change the order - Works About etc