Womanifesto – 2021 – Gatherings


Kyati Suharto, Charlotte Mungomery and Sue Pedley are working collaboratively to explore time, light, sound and space where the work is contingent on the unfolding of motion or an action or an action over time or within a cycle.

The sound is layers of field recordings of our voices – in a call and response – mixed with the percussive sounds of found objects; and the ambient sound of the location – birds and distant voices. The field recordings are a mix of improvised piano, violin and guitar played and recorded in a sound studio.

The moving Image is an accumulative collage -an extrapolation from the two dimensional into space. Over time there is a playful evolution of mark making with paper and graphite, clay and found objects in symphony with the manipulation of light. Working at night in an industrial sized tin shed using slides and slide projector and objects on an overhead projector. The kinetic aspect of the work is the positioning of the data projector overhead as a moving object projecting onto the floor and walls. The editing of the images are circular in format using new editing programs to emphasise the movement within the installation space.

Trans- Southeast Asia Triennial, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, 2022

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