Collaboration with Kyati Suharto, Charlotte Mungomery for The Womanifesto: Sydney Gathers at Gallery 4A, Sydney.

Gradually developed and created across a series of gatherings over three years, KinaeSthetiC (2021–23) is the physical manifestation of time shared by Kyati Suharto, Charlotte Mungomery and Sue Pedley. The work embodies intergenerational learning and knowledge sharing expressed through collective drawing, music-making and collaborative creative expression. KinaeSthetiC was only worked upon when all three artists were present, emphasising the conceptual framework of communal practice and the importance of physical presence in the artistic process. These gatherings explored each artists’ individual practical and conceptual methodologies including Sue’s multimedia installation work, Kyati’s interdisciplinary sound and visual art, and Charlotte’s filmic and moving image practice.

The resulting mixed media drawings, single-channel video and sound artwork are enlivened with a gestural feeling and natural palette. The Vietnamese Dó paper proudly bears its material history across ink brushstrokes, graphite rubbings and water stains, collaged from torn sheets and weathered scraps. Guided by intuition, these creative moments together considered non-verbal communication as a mode of marking shared time together. This encouragement for openness informs the sound and moving image elements of KinaeSthetiC, headed by Kyati and Charlotte respectively. Pieced together from snippets of loose musicking sessions, Kyati’s score reverberates with cinematic inflections complimenting the quick cuts and zooms as Charlotte’s video excavates the intricacies of their drawings, with inverted colours of tightly cropped sections of the accompanying drawings.

The Womanifesto Way: Sydney Gathers, at Gallery 4A, Sydney, 3 November – 17 December 2023 Artists include Shuxia Chen, Helen Grace, Shirley Hilyard, Virginia Hilyard, Toby Huynh, Charlotte Mungomery, Sue Pedley Kyati Suharto and Phaptawan Suwannakudt. Organisers Phaptawan Suwannakudt, Marni Williams, and Yvonne Low. Presented in partnership with Power Publications.

Tina Fiveash