Stains, Frescoes III Riverbed

For the installation Frescoes.Stains III Riverbed I worked in situ, creating a large plaster and sand mandala of concentric circles on the floor of the gallery. I poured many buckets of plaster into channels of river sand, embedding colourful chunks of broken plaster, recycling past work (Frescoes 1991) into new work. Once the plaster was dry I lifted the plaster from the beds of sand and moved it all to one end of the gallery. All the sand from the floor was then removed.

On the far wall of the gallery were lengths of plaster leaning against the wall and arranged on the floor. One side of each was covered in sand from the casting process and the other stained and textured with colourful fragments of plaster. Around the base of each wooden pillar in the gallery I placed a mound of sand and covered it in coloured plaster.

Frescoes.Stains III Riverbed was exhibited at the Institute of Modern Art (IMA), Brisbane in 1994.

Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
plaster, timber, dye, paint
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1. Essay by Abby Mellick