The installation Tide had two components. In the front room eleven plaster beams leaned against the walls and rested on the floor of the gallery. In a smaller second room eleven starched ironed muslin bags bound with latex hung on a row of hooks. On the adjacent wall was a circular length of honey-coloured latex hanging on a white rail.

The plaster beams were cast in sand, with an armature of metal tubing supporting their length. As rust from the metal seeped to the surface, it gradually stained the white of the plaster. The muslin bags, made to the length of the beams, were starched, folded and ironed. I let the excess length of each bag gather on the floor.

After the exhibition the plaster was smashed from the metal armature to be regenerated into a new plaster work.

Tide was exhibited at First Draft Gallery, Sydney in 1993.

First Draft Sydney
cotton, timber, plaster
2. Review by Abbey Mellick